eHouse Home Automation for Windows Mobile , Windows Phone 7 , 8 , .NET – Open Source Software

Home Automation eHouse – Open Source Software in C# (C Sharp).

We provide open source code and instructions for creating eHouse control software for panels working on Windows platform (.Net).

Net systems based on different versions of Windows.

  • Windows Mobile 6.x professional (smartphones)
  • Windows Phone 7.x professional (smartphones)
  • Windows Phone 8.x (smartphones)
  • Windows XP , Vista , 7 , 8 (32 and 64 bit systems) from the platform .NET (Computer PC , Tablets , graphic panels, etc.)

The software is set up so that it is able to work on multiple operating systems and versions of the environment .Net (Dot Net) .

Basically, there are two main versions of the software for the environment . NET.

  • .Net for PC devices (computers , Tablets) {for setting WIN32 directive in the source code [# define WIN32]}
  • .NET CF (Compact Framework – Mainly for mobile devices: Windows CE , Windows Mobile ,Windows Phone etc) . Truncated version allows more efficient operation for battery devices

C# Language, unlike Java and NON-INFRINGEMENT languages ​​based on it, allows you to use the definition like “#Define_WIN32;” “#Define_BLUETOOTH; #Define_DEBUG;”, allowing you to perform conditional compilation for different versions of software , working on the same source .
This allows you to create multiple applications based on the same template , differ from each other by:

  • Hardware version: mobile platforms , PC , graphic panels, etc..
  • Version of the operating system: Windows Mobile , Phone , XP , Vista, 7, 8 using common features of the environment .Net
  • Version of the .Net: Normal or CF (Compact Framework)
  • Versions with dedicated peripherals and communication equipment such as: Bluetooth , WiFi , Irda , GSM modems , touch screens , serial ports
  • Various software variants, more or less truncated or limited functionality

This allows you to handle every exception for these factors and maintain a coherent version of the software without continuous “Synchronization” different versions of the software, contained in the duplicated and changed files .

We have based open source software on one template, allowing for further development depended on the direction in which the market goes on hardware and software, and .NET environment .

In accordance with our naming standard applications are:

  • eHouse4WindowsMobile
  • eHouse4WindowsPhone
  • eHouse4DotNet
  • eHouse4DotNetCF
  • eHouse4Win32

We will continue to call eHouse4DotNet (eHouse for Dot Net), which includes all software versions and variants .

The basic functionality of the software:

  • Work on any platform with a software .Net and .Net CF
  • Work on any equipment, mobile , equipped desktop environment .Net
  • Visualization and Graphics Control Online via Wifi , Ethernet , Internet
  • Control from text form
  • Graphical Controls by BlueTooth , SMS , eMail , WiFi , Ethernet , Internet (TCP)
  • Online control Graphically via LAN (TCP , UDP – eHouse status of the controllers broadcasts )
  • Online control Graphically over the WAN – Internet (TCP)
  • Architectural visualization based on the individual home project
  • Automatic Visualization for each controller (space) without the need for design visualization
  • Dynamic Visualization – based on a single template, for example, “repetitive construction” by developers based on one project
  • SVG Visualization (Scalable Vector Graphics – without loosing quality) with the possibility of scaling , moving images
  • Gathering Online status of the controllers to enable further processing, analysis and development of advanced control algorithms for .Net panels

EHouse4DotNet OPEN SOURCE software can be found at eHouse Home Automation – Open Source Software – eHouse4DotNet