Home Automation, Building Management – programming C++ for Linux

eHouse Home Automation system – Linux Programming in C, C++.
In this article we will discuss the creation of software on the Linux platform for eHouse Building Management System. The software is specifically written using the GNU compiler g++, gcc on Linux Ubuntu 13.xx in Netbeans 7.3 environment. however, It may be compiled for another Linux distribution, version, kernel (kernel) and equipment including miniature PC board such Raspbery Pi.
This article is an extension of “eHouse Home Automation C programming” in C, C++, Object C, where we discussed the status of the structure there EHouse controllers that can directly capture data from UDP communication and RS-485 (for eHouse1).

This software is open source server applications and template for further development and use by individual users of eHouse Smart Home system and currently includes:

  • eHouse1 Intelligent home Server(RMs, EM, HM) – working on RS485 and connected directly to a PC via RS-232/RS-485 converter to COM port adapter USB/RS232 – receiving status of the RS-485
  • eHouse1 Intelligent building Server (RMs, HM, EM) working under the supervision of CommManager and connected to the RS-485 port – receive status via UDP protocol on LAN side
  • Ethernet eHouse Home Automation Server working directly on the LAN – receiving status via UDP protocol
  • Posting events to eHouse1 via RS-485
  • processing events between eHouse1 controllers, working on the RS-485
  • Receiving current controller status in real-time
  • Receiving eHouse1 controller’s Logs – via the RS-485
  • Receiving Markers of infrared codes for further processing by the system
  • Receiving Logs of infrared transmission to external devices
  • Assure time synchronization of all the drivers in a building automation system EHouse
  • Synchronizing outside temperatures , the lighting level for all controllers
  • perform their own individual pre-programmed algorithms and send events to the controller after processing status

home automation open source programming
Home automation open source programming C++ for Linux ubuntu and other distributions.
For more information about open source software for EHouse Inteligentny Dom eHouse Open Source C++ for Linux and other operating systems